Sweat Control

Human bodies are designed to sweat to control body temperature. Even though it’s totally natural, sometimes it can feel out of control and uncomfortable. Your skin can be irritated from sweating and combined with prolonged rubbing against fabrics.
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anti friction cream

Anti-Friction Cream

Flexitol Anti-Friction Cream moisturizes and soothes skin irritated from friction. It provides lubrication and protects against skin-on-skin and fabric-on-skin friction.

Common signs and areas prone to friction include redness and soreness between and beneath the legs, buttocks, breasts, skin folds and creases.

Flexitol Anti-Friction Cream:

  • Provides long-lasting sweat protection
  • Free from fragrances
  • Non-greasy, non- staining formula
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Our Reviews

scalp relief shampoo & conditioner

Worked Great!
This Flexitol Anti-Friction Sweat Protection Anti-Chafing Cream 2.64 Ounce was ordered and used for a 24 hour long mountain bike race. It worked very, very well in preventing chafing! We definitely will be ordering more in the future!

Kam A., United States

This Works!
This helps from the skin running to get her or even your clothes rubbing against your skin keeps it protected very well

Queen 1, United States

This definitely helps my son during sports. He chaffs all the time and needed something to prevent that and this does just that. Doesn’t smell bad. No irritations and prevents chaffing. Good value

Meadow C, United States

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