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Flexitol is a range of effective and innovative foot and skincare products. Flexitol, now available in over forty countries worldwide, is one of the brands developed by LaCorium Health, in Australia. The success of the Flexitol brand is underpinned by quality. Our advanced formulations are balanced blends of only the highest quality ingredients.
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Andy D.

South Carolina
Wanted to thank the manufacturers of the heel balm for delivering as promised...I had a nasty split in the callous on my right foot...in 2 days....it was much better...

Gwen S.

After using this product...it is as if I never had a problem with my feet.

Victoria E.

Santa Cruz
Immediate relief from very painful cracked heel: every step a torment! Before flexitol I suffered with every step. Last night I applied Flexitol to crack. This morning I walked without pain!

Trisha F

My feet develops cracks so deep my feet bleed - A pharmacist told me about your product - it has changed my life- I now tell everyone it's the only product they should trust.