Chapped Lips

Lips starting to crack? It’s not always a sign of cooler weather! Dry and chapped lips can also be a cause of cheilitis, an inflammatory lip condition, which is sometimes a side effect of certain medications.
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How to fix chapped lips,How to get rid of chapped lips


The most common cause of chapped lips is when lips lose moisture, owing to dehydration, too much exposure to wind or too much sun. Occasionally, chapped lips are a cause of other more serious lip conditions, or a side effect of some medications.

How long it takes for chapped lips to heal depends on how dry and chapped they are. Using the right products, like Aussie’s favourite Flexitol’s Lip Balm, as often as required, means you can see visible results in 1 day.

Some ways to avoid or deal with chapped lips are to drink enough water, make sure your lips aren’t exposed to too much wind or sun without protection, and be careful not to pick, lick or bite your lips too much. Another great thing to use for chapped lips is a dermatologist recommended lip balm for extra hydration.

The short answer is, unfortunately, yes. Since chapped lips are especially common in winter, when your lips are exposed to dry air and colder temperatures, and when your immune system is usually a bit weaker than usual, chapped lips can make you more vulnerable to cold sores and blisters.

You probably notice when you’re sick that you’re not drinking as much fluid as usual, so your skin and body is more dehydrated. This is especially true if you have cold symptoms like a runny nose or congestion, which forces you to breathe through your mouth, therefore creating the perfect conditions for chapped lips.

Winter weather causes chapped lips because the weather is colder, more dry, and there’s often a chilling wind outside. That, combined with the dry, heated air inside, can cause dry and chapped lips.

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Hands down the best!
It came highly recommenced from my dermatologist and is now the only lip balm I use.

Tricia L., United States

Best Stuff!!
After trying so many different brands of chapstick for my dry cracked lips, I tried this and it is a miracle!!
Absolutely love this stuff. From the first time putting it on it already gave my lips relief from the pain of being chapped and cracked!! I’m writing this 5 minutes after putting it on for the first time.

Theresa Fecteau, United States

The best out there!
I was on accutane and my lips were so destroyed and dry from it. I was on a never-ending search for the best lip balm out there. This is the one. I’ve continued to use it even after my course of accutane. I love it that much.

L Wardle, United States

The best lip moisturizer!
I received my first tube of this lip moisturizer in a welcome kit from the pharmacy who provides my cancer medication. I will keep this lip moisturizer in my purse, in my car, in my winter coat pocket forever from now on. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Autumn S., United States

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