Flexitol’s Scalp Range offers a complete solution

Steroid & tar free formulas designed to moisturize and soothe irritated, itchy scalp.

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scalp relief shampoo & conditioner

Effective Scalp Relief Serum!
I’m impressed with this scalp relief serum. It provided quick relief from itching and irritation, leaving my scalp feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Vivian, United States

Gentle itch relief for itchy scalp – love it!
I have tried other itchy scalp products and found they stung when applied. This Flexitol didn’t and I felt relief right away!

Kathowl, United States

It leaves this cooling effect!
It leaves this nice cooling effect that last for awhile and the reason why the texture is gooey is because so that the product stays and last longer and that the ingredient used is oatmeal which is known to have properties to help heal the skin better. I even put Flexitol on my skin sometimes and it works amazingly, sometimes better than cortizone, for me anyway! Hope this works for you, wish I found it sooner!

Jenn N., United States

It works well. Better than any other product. I highly recommend.

Dianne, United States

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