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Great and gentle for sensitive skin. Really helps with rash. Used in combo with face product

Jenna D., United States

Absolutely Fantastic!
Very happy with this Flexitol Eczema and Dermatitis cream. This cream is also perfect for rashes. I had a really painful rash on my upper leg which I was treating with powder that I thought would help and only made it worse. I applied this Flexitol cream and instant pain relief and the rash is healing quickly. I am so impressed and happy with this product. I am also applying this cream to my dry dermatitis spots on my legs and arms and it is working great. Superb product that I highly recommend.

Wishful Thinking, United States

Effective eczema and dermatitis cream provides relief from irritating rashes
Flexitol Eczema & Dermatitis Cream – I ordered this eczema and dermatitis cream as I have a tendency to get rashes under my breasts, especially in the summer. It’s irritating and itchy. I used this cream, which is thinner than I expected it to be. However, I noticed some immediate relief and to my delight did not have a reoccurring incidence the next day. For me, it was an effective relief.

V. Williams, United States

Great on eczema!
My grand daughter suffers from eczema and when I apply this to her skin, it really helps with the itchiness. I will be buying this item again.

Dannielle, United States

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