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scalp relief shampoo & conditioner

Best Hand Moisturizer ever!
This stuff really works. Do not be deceived by the Low key, generic packaging. The price is right. I ended up buying extra tubes to keep in different locations so they’re handy.

Jeffrey S., United States

So soft, non greasy. New favorite hand cream.
Bottle claims that you’ll see visible results if you use twice a day, and I can hand on heart say that is true.
This is a great hand cream, it’s really soft and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky after application.
Has a light scent which is pleasant but not overpowering. I’ve tried the flexitol heel balm which was amazing,
and thought I’d give the hand cream a go. Wasn’t disappointed! It’s my new go-to hand cream.

L Wardle, United States

Works great!
I naturally have very dry hands. This stuff makes my hands feel so soft and creamy! I love it. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. You don’t have to lather a lot of it on like with other hand creams.

Roxie, United States

Must have for very dry hands!
Excellent Product for very dry hands! My hands get terribly dry and uncomfortable; sometimes it’s hard to pick up objects because they’re so dry. This product is perfect and a little dab goes s long way. Not greasy or sticky – absorbs instantly. First time user and will order again. I’ve used the foot version, which is AWESOME, for years and can’t be without it. I didn’t know this product came in a formula for hands – so thrilled I found it! The fragrance is subtle and won’t interfere with your other fragrance products.

Nancy H., United States

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