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I've tried several products in the past with no results...The first time I used the heel balm it was amazing. I'm so happy my feet are moisturized and healing. Thank you
Monica, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA
I'm on a chemotherapy drug that causes my feet and hands to form calluses that split open and are very painful. This is the only product I've found that alleviates the symptoms so I can walk again without pain! The results are even better when used with gel moisturizing socks I purchased from Amazon. Thank you Flexitol!
Cidi H., Texas USA
I saw results within one day of using this product. I highly recommend it.
Karrie, Houston USA
I just started using this item yesterday and, I can already see the difference. My heels were rough and cracked and, in one day, I can see the difference. The cracks aren't as noticeable and my feet are really soft. I would definitely recommend this product!!! Thank you for making such an amazing product.
Julie H., Wilmington, Delaware USA
AMAZING, Awesome product. It works within one day. I am a Diabetic with deeply cracked heels and pain. Purchased this product yesterday day and actually applied some in the parking lot of the store. Re-applied last night and put socks on. This morning the results were Amazing. My heels are much softer and hydrated. THANK YOU. I can't wait to try other of your products.
Brenda, USA
I went to a health fair and got samples of the heel balm. I'm a diabetic and have to care for my feet daily. I tried the heel balm for 4 days using up the samples. the results were great my feet feel nice and smooth and if you rub it around your nail beds it softens and your whole foot feels ands looks healthy. I have tubes of all types of foot creams. Heel balm will become #1 now. Thank you.
Linda M., Chicago Illinois
Immediate relief from very painful cracked heel: every step a torment! Before flexitol I suffered with every step. Last night I applied Flexitol to crack. This morning I walked without pain! No other product has helped me this way. Thank you.
Victoria E., Santa Cruz California
Hello - 4 days ago I purchased Heel Balm. My expectations we not very high, since we've all heard miraculous claims before... WELL - this product ABSOLUTELY delivered ! I cannot believe how smooth my feet feel and how much better than feel - that is only after 4 days of use. Thank you for such a powerful and pleasing product!
Cindy K., Eden New York
I have tried EVERYTHING for my dry, cracked feet including prescription creams. One day using Flexitol foot cream and the results were amazing! I knew it was an awesome product when my pedicure girl noticed how smooth and nice my feet were. This is the best product out there!
Ruth P., Aliquippa Pennsylvania
This product is AMAZING. I saw positive results within 3 days of twice daily application. My feet were an absolute mess. So much so, I always hesitated to wear any type of footware without socks. Now, I go wear sandals without reservation. I highly recommend Flexitol Heel Balm.
Paul, New Jersey
The best there is. My heels cracked so badly I taped them to be able to walk. Tried everything there was and even slept in plastic bags after slathering my feet in creams. Found this product about three years ago and I have sandal feet. I will never use any other products.
N. Taylor, Troutdale Oregon
Wanted to thank the manufacturers of the heel balm for delivering as promised...I had not heel issues but a nasty split in the callous on my right foot...in 2 days of use it was much better...in a week the split healed completely...please feel free to use this ...thx again.
Andy D., South Carolina Gloverville
I have had dried cracked feet for two years I would wake up during the night with burning and bleeding feet. I had use everything I could get my hands on. Even two different Drs gave me a cream that didn’t work.I saw Flexitol in Walmart one I hadn’t used and the price was reasonable. Well I am happy to say after a month my feet are clearing up and I just may have feet that look good in sandals!
Sara A., Whitesboro New York
Due to a serious health condition I must take medication that is very drying to skin- My feet develops cracks so deep my feet bleed - A pharmacist told me about your product around 10 years ago- it has changed my life- I now tell everyone it's the only product they should trust- I even have the salon where I get my nails done exclusively using your product only- thank you for an incredible product.
Trisha F, Arizona
I can only say that i have been looking for a product like this for years for my heels and hands, used medication and all types of creams and when my friend told me about this miracle cream i rushed and got it and the minute i put it on, my life has changed, my hands are very soft and my heels and feet look like a babies, this is truly something worth buying.
Ana, Florida USA
The soles of my feet were cracked open, completely covered with scales and I was treated for several years with no results except becoming sick from the topical and oral medicines.I subscribed to a newsletter from a special doctor and decided to e-mail and ask his advice. He without fanfare said to use Flexitol. I did and my feet healed over night after years of misery.
Maria S., Upper Darby Pennsylvania
A few days ago, I used a poor quality foot scrub that dried my feet out and caused cracking of already damaged heels. Last night, I was walking through Walmart and couldn't put any pressure on one of my heels because of the slicing pain, and I grabbed this product on a whim. I got home and applied it and I was amazed that the pain was gone immediately! I applied it again this morning, and I'm flabbergasted at how much this product has repaired my painful rough feet in less than 24 hrs! You have a new customer for life! I'm so glad I chose your product instead of the brand I had a coupon for! :)
Robin D., N Charleston South Carolina
18 years ago I moved from Florida (humid) to Arizona (dry) within a year my feet started cracking and and crusting. At some point I could hardly walk. After 3 years we moved back to Florida and I assumed my feet would go back to normal. 15 years later and after many doctor visits and many different creams, lotiona and prescriptions I was still the same. Then one day in our Sunday paper there was a coupon for Flexitol. What did i have to lose? I bought it and read where it said to use it for 2 weeks to see results. Yesterday I bought 4 pair of sandles because after only 5 days of using this product it is as I never had a problem with my feet. I will now continue to use it every day to make sure I never have to struggle with dry cracked feet again. I have been recommending this product to everyone I know.
Gwen S., Florida
This letter is in reference to your product Flexitol Hand Balm for VERY dry skin. I wanted to write to let you know how well this has helped my situation with the dry skin on my hands. I have a hard time finding a product that will keep my skin moist without irritating when it gets into those cracks that have opened. Some products actually make the situation worse by burning when applied to those open areas. Your's does not burn and actually helps heal. It is by far the best I have used for my hands! I have suffered with this problem since 1981 and I can say I have tried just about every product and "cure" out there. In the past 24 years nothing helps to soothe, heal, and protect like Flexitol Hand Balm.
Donna W., UK
The hand balm is perfect for my hands as they were dry and cracking as they are constantly in water at work, it has been like a face lift for my hands, they look like they are 10 years younger, firm but supple!
Sharon, SA Australia
I was simply blown away just after a day you notice considerable softness to the hands after a week. I highly recommend it to others.
Matilda, SA Australia
I love this product and it is the only thing that relieves itching of my psoriasis.
Monique H., Idaho USA